How to change your energy!

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Sometimes, without even knowing, we drag ourselves down with habits that are nothing but negative. They influence our self-esteem, our energy and even our lives. But you can change that. With some exercises you can find our own internal motivation drive, with a little meditation practice that can boost the whole universe in your favor. Be the leader of your destiny.

With mental exercises you can change your vibrations towards everything.

1. Think Positive, Always! It might sound cheesy but every time that we have a contrary thought to what we actually believe and wish we drive that dream a little further away. Change that thought immediately for a positive one that makes you feel positive about the situation. This requires discipline. It might not happen overnight but with practice it will.

2. Do not be afraid! Of nothing or no one! Fear is one of the biggest causes of our insecurities. To feel fear is to believe that others are more powerful. Don’t give them this power!

3. Do not complain. When we complain, our attention focuses on the problem. Like a magnet, we attract all the negative waves to ourselves from our own words. Most of the things that go wrong start already to go wrong when we mourn. Don’t victimize yourself!

4. Eliminate the word guilt of your vocabulary. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilt! When we punish ourselves, we open ourselves to more oppressing vibrations coming our way. Ignore that.

5. Do not let external interferences disturb your daily life. Free yourself from gossip, cruel comments and negative people. It’s contagious. Tune with positive and high spirit people.

6. Do not be angry about unimportant things. When upset ourselves, we feel our body and mind with toxins. Seek for more serenity in your daily thoughts and when you feel that you have to explode, redirect your thoughts to something positive.

7. Live in the present. The anxious lives in the future, the bitter lives in the past. Enjoy the here and now. Make your time count. Don’t waste your time with hard feelings and worries. They bring nothing but trouble. I quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called “present”

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