Perfect bikini body with yoga?

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I’ve been reading a number of posts or magazines showing how to get a perfect beach body by practicing some yoga Asanas. But what I miss in most of these articles is that for people who are new to yoga, some of the presented Asanas need special preparation and should not be done without guidance.

It is recommended to first prepare your body and gain strength and flexibility. Never force yourself into a yoga pose this can lead to serious injuries.

Basically the results of a 30 minutes work out routine mentioned in the articles are possible, the secret is discipline and intensity. Not to mention what only 20 minutes of yoga can do just for your brain! Researchers found that people did better; both speed- and accuracy-wise on brain functioning tests after just 20 minutes of Hatha yoga.

To summarize:  30 minutes yoga work out for the perfect beach body is possible, only make sure to seek professional guidance first to make sure that you practice each Asana properly without injuries.

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